Profound impact therapy


As a young adult you are faced with multiple transitions, new social environments and challenges, navigating the complexities of work & life balance. Sometimes it can feel like there is just not a place for you or that many of the places you found a sense of belonging and connection are no longer available.

Whether it is dealing with the stress of adapting to college, a full-time job, figuring out how to find a new way of connecting with others, figuring out a career path, or learning how to find, pursue, and maintain a relationship with a significant other, therapy can be a place to do this.

This is an overwhelming stage in life that can be awkward and fraught with difficult questions to answer. BUT you don’t have to do this alone or without guidance.

For many, this transitional stage of life is also met with the stark reality of depression or anxiety tainting their full potential from shining through. If you suspect you have even minor symptoms of depression or anxiety, there is help and hope for you.

Regardless of what you might be dealing with, I want to create a space for you to be understood and seen as person with beauty, hope, strength, and unconditional worth. Let’s face your life together with confidence!

Jennifer R Davis, MA, Marriage and Family Therapist